40 Years of China’s Reform and Opening-Up

40 Years of China’s Reform and Opening-Up

Publishing Department | Book Launches

, 17:00 | AJKC Lecture Hall | 4 Czuczor Street, Budapest 1093

Fang Cai's book Perceiving Truth and Ceasing Doubts: What Can We Learn from 40 Years of China's Reform and Opening-up? was published in Hungarian by the Publishing Office of the Antall József Knowledge Centre (AJKC) in October 2019. In it, the author provides a comprehensive description of China's successful development path by citing a host of facts and economic data, and explains how China's opening-up policy has been able to boost the high-speed growth of the country’s economy in the past 40 years. By analysing a variety of issues, the author goes through the different stages of economic development and China’s emerging challenges, while also pointing out that further reforms can help achieve sustainable growth.

The Antall József Knowledge Centre, the China-CEE Institute, and the Institute of European Studies at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) are jointly organising a roundtable discussion and book launch for the Hungarian edition to analyse the key issues of Chinese economic growth resulting from the reforms of recent decades with the involvement of acknowledged experts, while also shedding light on the economic risks facing China as a modern superpower.


Welcoming Remarks:

  • Zsolt Csepregi, Deputy Director for International Affairs, AJKC
  • Xin Chen, Deputy Director General, Institute of European Studies, CASS

Opening Statement: The Development of China’s Digital Economy

  • Changhong Pei, Former Director General, Institute of Economics, CASS

Roundtable Discussion:

  • HE Sándor Kusai, Former Ambassador of Hungary to China
  • Viktor Eszterhai, Senior Researcher, Pallas Athene Innovation and Geopolitical Foundation
  • Liejun Wang, Deputy Director, Department for Social Development, DRC
  • Yu Yao, Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, CASS

Moderator: Viktória Anna Papp, International Relations Manager, Asian and African Relations Department, AJKC

The discussion will be held in English.


Registration is needed.


Venue: AJKC Lecture Hall (Building “C” Corvinus University of Budapest, 4 Czuczor St, Budapest 1093)

Date: 29 October 2019 5pm–7pm


Our partners: China-CEE Institute and Institute of European Studies (CASS).




The organisers reserve the right to change the programme.

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