Antall József Autumn Seminar

Antall József Autumn Seminar

EU-V4 Department | Talent Management

, 17:00 | Online

The pandemic reaching Central Europe in early March forced us to review our plans and reschedule our favourite project, the Antall József Summer School.

As our programme is based on community building, professional networking, as well as alternative educational forms are often used during the programme, organising the event on-line was not an option for us. We know that events like this depend on a lot of factors and we also know that making plans or organising international travelling is not easy in these days, but we are full of hope that we can meet personally (respecting strict health measures) and discuss current questions in person with the help of our internationally acknowledged experts.

The Antall József Autumn Seminar is not replacing the Antall József Summer School—it is an alternative for it, making possible for outstanding young experts to come to Budapest and learn more about Central Europe under the umbrella of an almost ten-year-old educational programme. Therefore, the aims and mission of AJAS are the same with AJSS, just the name and the dates are different this year.


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