Creative Hungarian Mind: Innovative Ideas

Creative Hungarian Mind: Innovative Ideas

Talent Management Department | Innovation

, 18:00 | AJKC Lecture Hall | 4 Czuczor Street, Budapest 1093

Do you have an amazing idea, but would like to seek advice on how to implement it? In the conversation of Creative Hungarian Mind you can learn about innovative organizations founded by students.

Our guests:

  • Krisztián Füzesi |IT Lead, Youth Business Group

The Youth Business Group started as a student organization in Corvinus, then, after graduating from university they started their own enterprise, where students can participate in career developments, and gain practical experience, which is not available anywhere else. Behind the efficient work of hundreds of students, a complex IT system supports communication and division of labor between members and team leaders. They developed their own corporate governance system (Akrivis), which supports the operation of the student organization on multiple fronts: project management, CRM, finance, performance measurment. The system was originally designed to the operations of the student organization and they constantly improved and polished it to place as much emphasis as possible on the organization’s main activities. Using the Akrivis members are receiving a transparent picture of their performance and the leaders of the organization could get useful informations from the business intelligence system developed for the Akrivis.


  • Máté Majtán |CEO/ Business Development Manager, Cogito

With Cogito, young people from Budapest revolutionized the learning from university and college notes. The goal of the startup is to provide students with notes from authentic sources. Cogito is a collaborative educational management system embedded in a social media environment, where students work together to develop exam items, topics for their exams, and when they are ready, their teachers can review them to create a reliable, accessible set of requirements and base of knowlegde. Their innovative idea took the noble third place in the first Pitch@Palace Hungary 1.0 startup competition held in Hungary, last fall, and took the People’s Choice Award too.


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